Field service management

Definition of workflows,Total control of the processes,One single application for your field team management,End customer informed at all times,Control of the call process,Exhaustive information on the processes,Automatic allocation of work orders,Real capacity based on historical records,Multi-brand management

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FSM software

Kairos365FSM is a Field Service Management Solution (FSM) in the cloud which allows you to have a single view of all the field operations of your organization, both of your own resources and those of suppliers of services.

Kairos365FSM redefines the concept of FSM to create a powerful and functional tool, concentrated on the operations and very flexible, which is prepared to adapt to business processes and the operations of the various brands or activities of any organization.

Main functionalities

Some features of kairos365 FSM Software

Definition of workflows

The flow designer allows for the detailed definition of the installation process, putting it into effect or modifying it in real time.

Total control of the processes

Kairos365FSM provides a consolidated vision for companies, field equipment, and end customers. It establishes guidelines in the operation and allows real time monitoring so as to anticipate issues in the operation.

One single application for your field team management

Allows for a complete management of the activity of the field team from a single application, eliminating paperwork and guiding it in the various processes according to the flows defined by you to reduce errors and minimize the learning curve.

End customer informed at all times

The end customer is a participant in the process from the moment of sale to the installation process and assessment of the service. The customer will be able to administer appointments at any time, be notified of the various stages of the process, and receive information from the assigned technician and his estimated time of arrival.

Control of the call process

Kairos365FSM includes the appointment in the sales process, integrating large sales teams and customer support, CRM, sales applications and self-management by the end customer.

Exhaustive information on the processes

The design tool of queries and reports permits the extraction, by means of graphic interfaces administered by the user, of all the information handled by the platform in the various processes, or its integration with external Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Automatic allocation of work orders

It provides for the allocation of large volumes of work orders through the use of rules and the optimization of displacement routes.

Real capacity based on historical records

It allows the assessment of the real runtime of each technician based on his record and the real capacity of each area, thus achieving an adjustment fully in line with the operation.

Multi-brand management

Unified management of processes for different brands under a single platform.

Impact on the Operation

Connecting the field team with the customer and with other operational areas of the company.

It links the sale with the installation team

It allows to establish appointments when the sale is made, in accordance with the capacity of installation, reducing the rate of cancellation and the cycle time of installations.

It monitors and provides online follow-up of the operation

It anticipates common problems in operating processes and gives visibility to all those involved in the process (Sales, Call Centre, Contractors, Operations, Customers) and also reduces incidents during the installation process.

It establishes guidelines in the operation

A guide for the field technician and a workflow for each activity; avoiding errors in the process, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

It improves productivity. Cost saving

Monitoring, the adaptation of routes, the process guidelines and the reduction of cycle times allow you to have a rationalized and stable field team, increasing productivity, and establishing cost-saving strategies in subcontracting.

It improves fulfilment of the customer's expectations

It allows to keep the customer informed during the complete installation process and the resolution of issues and claims, increasing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the levels of satisfaction.

Statistical auditing models

It establishes field audits based on statistics and sampling techniques in order to minimize the cost of auditing, considerably reduce faults, and establish an improvement method based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) online.

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